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The World Through Wooden Eyes Youtube Page

This is our Youtube account, to which we will upload any video clips of performances or other interesting material. Please have a look at some of the videos in our “Favorites” panel, hopefully you will find them interesting as well. We will continue to add videos to our “Favorites”. We will post links to some of the most interesting on this page as well.

Lotte Reiniger  Videos on YouTube

Hansel and Gretel

The Little Chimney Sweep

Jack and the Beanstalk



Monjuro Kiritake and the Osaka Bunraku. In the video he demonstrates a sequence where a female figure mimes a brief sewing routine. An example of his extraordinary manipulation skill when performing female roles.

Members of the National Bunraku Theatre show the teamwork and skils involved in bunraku by practicing without the puppet.

The demonstration of the carving of the Bunraku kashira (head) by the great master Minosuke Ohi


Hidakagawa Zakura’, featuring the great Kabuki Onagata (female role) Tamasaburo, in the role of ‘Keyho-Hime’. In the sequence Tamasabura plays the role as a Bunraku figure, manipulated by two human actors. This technique has the name ‘Ningyhbura’ (puppet style acting) the same piece is also performed in the Bunraku theatre. The piece is still very popular in both forms, and is performed by Kabuki actors as a means of recognising the importance of the Bunraku in the evolution of Kabuki.

Kuruma Ningyo

Hachioji Hidakagawa, Ferry Crossing Part 1 (of three)

Hachioji Hidakagawa, Ferry Crossing Part 2 (of three)

Hachioji Hidakagawa, Ferry Crossing Part 3 (of three)