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Two Little Pushkin Tales is a double bill based on two of Alexander Pushkin’s fairytales.

The Tale of The Golden Fish.

An old man lived with his wife by the sea shore in a poor wooden hovel. For three years and thirty they live in there. The old man caught fishes and his wife did her spinning. One day, whilst he was fishing, up came one fish. But this was not any old fish, it was golden in colour, and had a voice which was human. In exchange for her freedom the fish offers the old man a wish, but he declines and happily sets the magical fish free. His wife is not pleased to hear that he set the fish free and sends him back to the sea to make a series of increasingly grand wishes.

The Merchant and his Workman Balda.

Once there was a foolish, but very wealthy merchant, and greedy to say the least. He went to the market place one day and wandered around in some dismay. There he met a wise old peasant wandering about with nothing to do. Balda was what the townsfolk called him. Needing an odd job man the Merchant tries to take advantage of Balda by getting him to work for free. However, Balda turns the tables on the Merchant who eventually gets his comeuppance for being so greedy.

To see a short clip from The Golden Fish Click Here
To see a short clip from Balda Click Here

If you wish more information about this production or extra technical information you can download this PDF document:- Pushkin.pdf (2mb)