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One aspect of The John M Blundall Collection of special interest is the collection of Noh Masks. Many of the masks in the collection were created by Nohzin Suzuki and his students. Also included is an Okina mask by Suzuki’s Master, Ujiharu Nagasawa, the only Noh mask carver to be given National Living Treasure status in Japan.

The top five masks all have a shared heritage, the mask on the left is by Ujiharu Nagasawa, master of Nohzin Suzuki, the next mask is by Suzuki and the middle mask is by Baku Adachi, Suzuki’s last student. The fourth mask is by John Blundall, also a student of Suzuki’s while the mask on the far right is by Stephen Foster, student of John Blundall. Please click on an image below to see the masks in more detail.

Yase Otoka by Baku Adachi Ko-omote by Nohzin Suzuki Okina by Ujiharu Nagasawa Zo-onna.jpg Doji.jpg Fujita.jpg Hannya05.jpg Kokushiki-jo.jpg Magojiro.jpg Shakumi.jpg Shishi.jpg Yase-otoko.jpg O-Beshimi.jpg Hannya by John M Blundall noh masks

To see the carving process of a Noh mask visit the Woodcarving page. More masks by Nohzin Suzuki and his students are below.

Okina by Stephen Foster

It is not easy to find Noh masks in the UK, so we have compiled a list of museums which have them in their collections. We hope it may help those wanting to see these beautiful works with there own eyes. The majority of the masks in our own collection are in storage and viewable by appointment only. A list of other collections and links are listed bellow.

The British Museum, London. (5 masks listed on their website).
The Victoria and Albert Museum, London. (30 plus Noh and Kyogen masks).
The Pitt-Rivers Museum, Oxford. (54 mask in the collection).
The Ashmolean Museum, University of Oxford. (3 early masks in storage and viewable by appointment only).
The World Museum, Liverpool. (1 on display and 4 in storage).
The National Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh. (2 masks in 2 location within the museum and one in storage).