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The list of links on this page will grow in time and will cover all sorts of useful and interesting information

Puppeteers UK (PUK)
An organisation for puppeteers in the UK

Union Internationale de la Marionnette. The world organisation for puppet theatre

British UNIMA
British arm of UNIMA

British Puppet and Model Theatre Guild
The UK’s oldest puppet organisation


Tools and Materials

Brodies Timber
Timber and woodworking tools

Inchmartine Tool Bazaar
Antique and second hand woodworking tools

The Turners Retreat
Woodworking tools including Japanese carving chisels

Silky Fox Saws
High quality saws from Japan

Dick GmbH
High quality tools and materials, based in Germany

Dieter Schmid's Fine Tools
High quality tools from Germany


Theatre and Puppets

Website about the Bunraku Theatre of Japan

Website about the Noh Theatre of Japan

Darryl Worbey Studios
Designer and builder of puppets for film and television

Kinetic theatre and sculptures of Eduard Bersudsky

The Puppet Barge
The famous puppet theatre on a barge. Located in Little Venice, London

Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Exhibitions of automata and mechanical sculptures. Also a shop selling unique one of a kind automata.

The Ballard Institue
The Ballard Institute and Museum of Puppetry is home to the collection of Frank Ballard


International Puppetry Museum
A virtual tour through the collections of the International Puppetry Museum in Pasadena, California.

A Brief Introduction of Chinese Puppetry
Site providing an overview of Chinese Puppet Theatre.



Robert Styles
Punch and Judy man we brought up to Saltcoats and Glasgow

Old Theatres
Organisation dedicated to the preservation of old theatres, mainly in the Midlands. The also publish a magazine.

The Paul McPharlin Collection
A description of a significant collection of American theatrical puppets housed at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Puppets of the World Museum
Museum of puppets theatre in Lyon, France.

Puppetry Archives
Website containing information on the Douglas Hayward Puppet Collection, housed in the Staffordshire County Museum, as well as many other British puppeteers.

Museums and Collections

Glasgow Museums
Museums and Galleries in Glasgow

The Mitchell Library
Link to the Mitchell library on the Glasgow City Council website

Arima Toy and Automata Museum
All sorts of toys and automata from across the world in Arima near Kobe , Japan.


Other Places of Interest

Noh Masks & Facial Expression Perception
An interesting study on the expressions found in Japanese Noh Masks

Zhang Liang (Ray)
Ray is a talented young Chinese artist who works in many different mediums including paper cutting and screen printing.

The Shop of Interest
Gallery boutique in Glasgow


National Puppetry Archive
Home to the British Puppet and Model Theatre Guilds Collection.

Puppeteers of America
Link on the Puppeteers of America site to 100 years of American Puppet Theatre

Mask Makers Web
Website all about masks and mask events

Organisations & Information