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In an effort to explain the historical and cultural importance of the puppet theatre, the Education Suite in Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is home to a selection of puppets from the John M Blundall collection that represent a wide range of countries and cultures.

This is the case that can be found in Kelvingrove’s Education Suite. Click on a puppet to see a bigger picture. A few of the puppets have a description but most as yet do not. We will write these up as soon as possible

Bambara Water Puppet Burma Barong Buffalo Hitler Youth Chinese Wayang Goleck Cirebon Hitler Youth Czech Devil Elephant Devil Ganesh Hanuman Hitler Youth Millet Grinder Mamulengo Methuselah Sun Wu Kung Paladin Punch and the Baby Snake Charmer Hitler Youth Taiwan Tiger Chorus Tommy Tulukutu kelvingrove Takeda Petrushka Sanbaso Rajasthan