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All contents are Copyright © John M. Blundall and Stephen Foster or are part of The John M Blundall Collection, unless stated otherwise.


Other elements include:

Aspects of the Collection
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This resource constitutes one of the richest and most important collections of specialised creative theatre material to be found anywhere in the world

The collection is a major teaching tool for intending creative theatre professionals, teachers, researchers, archivists and conservationists. Also a unique visitor attraction to extend the knowledge and awareness of creative theatre – an art of expression as old as humankind.

The Collection is a major resource for formal and higher education, and professional training. It is also effortlessly multicultural, and represents most cultures worldwide.

One of the major components of the collection is a unique library or bibliotech. It consists of some six thousand volumes. Many of them of major international importance, from the 19th and 20th centuries, and from most parts of the world. The collection also contains thousands of original research documents dealing with all aspects of creative theatre.

The John M Blundall Collection

The masks in the collection including a rare collection of Japanese Noh Masks.

noh masks

Here you can find a small selection of prints and engravings that are part of the collection.


You can see some of the puppets in the collection from all over the world.


The collection contains a vast array of Punch material ranging from Toby jugs and prints to door stops and toothpaste.


As well as the Noh masks, we have many other types from all over the world


A selection of puppets from the collection are on display in Glasgow’s Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum Education Suite.


We have a large collection of toy theatre and actor portraits.

toy theatre books

The collection contains some 6000 volumes from all over the world.