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Baku Adachi - 安達 漠

Baku Adachi was born in 1982 in Kobe Hyogo, Japan. In 2002 he became a pupil of Nohzin Suzuki one of the greatest makers of Noh theatre masks, his masks can be seen in The Victoria and Albert Museum, and The British Museum in London.

Nohzin Suzuki passed away in 2004 - Baku Adachi is his last pupil and continues to make exquisite classical Noh masks and is the youngest master of this unique art and craft.

The Noh Theatre is one of the three forms of Japanese Classical Theatre with a history going back to the middle-ages, the masks are considered to be the finest examples of the mask makers art in the world.

Baku is a graduate of Hyogo University of teacher education specialising in the arts as well as a graduated from the postgraduate school art course. He now teaches full time as well as continuing his studies of the Noh mask. Baku is married to Shiho Adachi.

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All images on this page courtesy of Baku Adachi